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Hello, I’m so happy and humbled you’ve stopped by. My name is Sammy Spence, I am a creative living in the PNW. I’ve spent the last 8 years working in the outdoor industry, both guiding and photographing the wild spaces I’ve been lucky enough to move through.

I studied photography and film at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. Art school gave me the tools to tell stories through creating: whether it’s producing short films or developing 35mm film in the dark room, painting or editing stills, I feel most free when I’m working with my hands. I find my inspiration blooms in the mountains. Through guiding I’ve gotten real life experience working among this wild world and through art I’ve got paint on my pants and fresh ideas in my head.

I’ve been extremely humbled and grateful to have worked with such amazing companies and people in the outdoor industry. Currently, I am guiding Sea Kayaking Expeditions in the San Juan Islands and working remotely as a freelance product photographer, but mostly I’m just happy to be here. I’d love to work together, so lets create some magic and tell some good tales. Cheers,

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