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Memories from a 1984 sleeping pad

“Of course it’s always fun to purchase the newest and most technical gear on the market. But it’s equally important to invest in gear that is really meant to last. When we buy gear that is guaranteed for longevity, it’s not only allowing our adventure fund to continue to grow, but it’s healthier for the environment as well. As outdoor adventures, we are also called to be outdoor advocates. Our job is not only to enjoy playing among the mountains, shredding it’s peaks and riding it’s hills, but to protect it, too. When we buy gear and articles that can last us for generations of adventures, we are ultimately saving our oceans, our animals, and our planet.”

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The freedom of movement, the feeling of flying

“We swing the bike rack off to the side, reaching in to grab our bike shoes and our helmets. The three of us live in our old Ford E-350 van, we try and run it mostly on the fumes of discovery, but every once in a while we have to put gas in it too. Under the bed located in the back of the van, we are full to the brim with our belongings: our backpacking gear, different types of shoes, our first aid kit, our camping chairs. The kind of things we need often enough to need a rack with a swinging arm.”


HOW to: Let gravity do the work

“The map shows fresh water sources on two of the islands where we’ll be overnighting. Thanks to the Platypus GravityWorks Filter System, I can leave some of the water weight behind and let gravity do the heavy lifting. Because this filter works on gravity alone, you don’t have to worry about pumping or waiting patiently for iodine before having fresh, potable drinking water. This allows us more time for wildlife, taking in sunsets, and using our valuable energy in more rewarding ways, like paddling farther and camping in more remote and wild places.”

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You can’t always be high and dry

“As outdoor adventurers, limit pushers, tree climbers, pow hunters and summit hikers, we know we can’t plan for everything that happens when we’re out on expedition. We simply can prepare for the unexpected. Just about the only plan we can follow is the trail. When we leave control behind and let the sweet chaos of the adventure take over, we get the opportunity to find a heightened awareness for nature and all aspects of its wild and unpredictable beauty. Good gear allows us to be a little braver and hit the trail no matter the weather forecast. Therm-a-Rest sleeping bags have the technology to provide us with easier dreaming.”

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The Art of slowing down

“Learning to slow ourselves down in the outdoor community is a fine art, one that, like any good craft, takes time. It’s so easy to want to be the best, to want to push our physical selves for optimal athleticism, wanting to be the strongest and the fastest, but sometimes it’s even more important to take our sweet time, soaking up the world around us. Taking time to slow down, is not only beneficial for our muscles and bones but our minds as well. When we learn to be patient, when we learn to wait, when we learn to slow down we see more and we ultimately can gain a better experience and a better perspective. Allowing us to better connect with the world we’re playing in, instead of just running right through it”.